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Designed To Be Signed
"Designed To Be Signed" Release
Released 3/25/2014

It's been about 3 years since Tha Advocate dropped "The Breaking Point" mixtape, and 8 years since he dropped his first studio album, "Against The Wall", but now Advo is back with his best work yet, "Designed To Be Signed". "It was time to take it back to when an artist made an album full of all feels and moods. Something you won't skip through." -says Advo. Whether it's the socially conscience "Window Pain" / "Reach", the gritty and lyrical "Soldya Muzik" / "Designed To Be Signed", or the conceptual "Trading Places", "Return To Sender" or "The Lense", the listener finds Advo pushing the creative envelope on this project. Not to mention you can sprinkle a few club tracks, relationship songs and hood anthems to seal the deal. Now without further adieu #DTBS is here.

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The Breaking Point
"The Breaking Point" Release
Released 11/14/11

It's been 2 and half years since the release of "Barmaggedon" and now Advo is back with evengence. TBP features alot of songs packed with substance and strong lyrical content. Songs like Infliction, Pray About It, and the DJ Booth freestyle are pure lyrical hiphop records. "Sometimes" and "Bring It On" show a more serious socially coinscence Advo talking about the world we live in and tackle topics such as living conditions, corruption, fox news, and more. There are a few cuts about the pro's and con's of relationships like "So Beautiful" and the dramatic "So Drained". There are some crazy posse cuts like "When I Speak" which features Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Mr. Probz and "I Run This" which features Big Lou and Doitall. Not too mention the remix which features The Phenom Cartel, Mass, Shawn Blayze and Whodini. The skits are hilarious, wait till you hear the "Papa Johns" skit, as well as when a drunk Advo calls "Black and White Taxi" after his performance with Mass. This mixtape has a strong balance and an delivers elements that make this a hip hop masterpiece.

Download It Free Here --> DATPIFF

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"Barmageddon" Release
Released 3/15/09

The Long awaited "Barmaggedon" is here. With songs like "9678", "Soldya Muzik" and "Better Then Me" this is a sure shot for mixtape of the year. Advo has a habit of making mixtapes that border line an album. While Advo states "this is just the tip of the iceberg" .. many have to wonder when the long awaited "Desiigned To Be Signed" will drop. DJ Bedtyme came through again to host "Barmaggedon". Now with all the pieces of the puzzle in place its time to release the beast.

Download It Free Here --> DatPiff

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"Point Of No Return" Release
Released 07/31/07

Finally the time is here. A new mixtape which is better then most albums out. "Point Of No Return" is presented by Tha Advocate and Mic Check Mixtapes and hosted by Remy Ma and DJ Bedtyme.Lets keep this short and simple. Music is missing quality .....ADVO IS HERE. Please check out some mp3's off the mixtape the good reviews and treat your ears to what they deserve... download"Point Of No Return" below.

Download It Free Here --> DatPiff

"Against The Wall" Release
Released 3/26/2006

The long awaited debut of Tha Advocate’s album is finally here. After releasing “Point A” the mix cd the buzz has been tremendous.Point A moved thousands of units independently .On “AGAINST THE WALL” Tha Advocate not only shows his rapping skills but also showcases his versatile production.This album features a song for anyone from everywhere,The first single “FALLDOWN” is a success on radio and in the clubs.The street singles “MAKE U CRAWL” and “WHERE I REP” have received more then national attention.Songs such as “DIFFERENT WORLD” will make you critique the world we live in.This album is a total package full of fresh production and lyrics to make you rewind.With a song for every emotion “Against The Wall” is a sure shot to sell. Tha Advocate preserves the meaning of real hip-hop with his highly anticipated release. Sit back as Tha Advocate lets you in his world.

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THA ADVOCATE: Against The Wall
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